Japanese Language

Japanese is spoken 130 million peopleThis makes it the ninth most spoken language native speakersJapanese is written mostly using three writing scripts, kanji, hiragana and katakanaKanji are Chinese characters that were first introduced to Japan in the 4th centuryThe Japanese writing system is derived from the Chinese ideographic character set (Japanese: 漢字 kanji, Mandarin: 汉字 hanzi)They are usually very similar to Traditional Chinese charactersThough kanji are Chinese in origin their use is dictated Japanese grammarEach character may be read in different ways depending on the context it is in.

There are 5 levels as approved Japan government.
N5 is the beginner levelN1 is native level.
N5 is beginner level (basic day to day to communicate can be achieved)
N4 is intermediate level
N3 is advance level
N2 and N1 are professional level.
Exam fees will be decided Japan government each year
Exams are conducted generally twice a year.

With atleast the beginner level, one can get an exposure and option after completing are:

  1. Translation career
  2. Interpretation
  3. Technical background students can get good onsite opportunities in software development, testing.
  4. Mechanical engineers can get great exposure with CAD CAM and Japanese.
  5. Artificial intelligence students having good career in Japan.

Please note students need to continue learning this language till N3 advance level, then they can see many career opportunities

Duration of Beginner N5 course will be of minimum 100 hours